Sare Jahan Se Acha

About Us

Sare Jahan Se Acha Socio Eco Pol Foundation, a section 8 Not for Profit company, was started with one objective, Can the negativity around us, be changed to positivity? Can the complaints around us be replaced by inspiration?

Raja Narasimhan and Priti Raja are firm believers in goodness. And they took the baton in their hands to head-start this journey.
This journey is about a change in perspective, about recording that perspective so that others will know, about passing on the goodness you were once touched with, while inspiring yourself and others to be the ambassadors of this goodness.
Let’s spread goodness. And some day, when you won’t be expecting it, the goodness will automatically come back to you. To see you smile!

myWanderLoop is a Senior Citizen safety project. By a simple Silicone Wrist Band we are trying to help them reunite in case they wander off or enable the first responders to take the right decision in case the Senior Citizen is in distress.


One fine early morning it so happened that my father left home with some of my mother’s clothes and medicines along with his belongings looking out for my mother as he couldn’t find her at home….

Our Vision & Mission

To provide the most cost effective and value for money safety device for at-risk senior citizens and medical patients.

Create and offer awe inspiring innovative services through a coded Silicone Band and make a positive impact in communities.